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The hardest thing we can do is get off of our pity party and actually do something about it. You say your trying and trying, then don’t give up, change some things that will bring you better results. Take steps today to change your tomorrow. If people don’t want you in their life, let them go and move on. It’s hard and it hurts but you only have one life that is yours. Don’t let the hurts that others placed on you destroy you. We have a Creator that made us and gave us the only life you and I will ever have on this earth. Fight for who and what you want but dream bigger today than you did yesterday. Yes your hurt, yes your broken, yes you feel like there is no way out…. but make the journey starting today to make something in your life better. You can not expect negative people in your life to produce positive things. You are the reason for your failure or your success. So if you failed then decide today that you are going to succeed. CLAIM your spot in this world. Cherish those who still love you and want you in their life and do all you can to make your life and theirs better. When it is all said and done whether you are rich and famous or poor and forgotten we all wind up in a grave at the end. Look into a mirror and shout it out that you are worth something, worth being loved, worth being around, worth having a life that matters to you and others. TODAY is where is all changes for you. Most have allowed their negative thoughts to drive them to ruin and into a deep depression. CHANGE your thoughts about you and life today. Experiencing LIFE is worth it. If I only have 1 year left on this Earth I want to cherish each and every moment. Decide today that you matter to God and don’t you ever forget that you matter to me. No matter what, I will always be a friend to those who allow me to be. Final point: TODAY is where it all starts to change for you when YOU decide your are alive and you are worth it. I pray God touches all our hearts and lives and that we experience the abundance that God has in store for us. Choose to be a blessing and not a burden. Make your life count. Life is too precious and too short not to give your all. Love you all…… DR H