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There is a LIFE out there waiting on you - DR H
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I have had the pleasure of spending several days observing Dr. Honea’s work close up.  As a speaker he is inspirational.  As a person he is honest and giving. He delivers a message of hope, and a message that punches through the layers of doubt to inspire the confidence that life so often beats down.  Should you or your organization choose to invite Dr. Honea to share his message of strength, energy and hope with you, I am positive you will walk away from the experience “more” that when you arrived.

J. Netterville, MD
Nashville, Tennessee

I have known Dr.H for many years.  I have brought him in to speak, train and motivate groups of people.  Not only is his content valuable and cutting edge, but his style is engaging, fun and inspirational.  I whole-heartedly recommend that you get this gifted man in front of your people!
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